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Endoscopic Surgical Instruments for Sale

Pulmonology Products
Pulmonology Products
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2. Technology concentric with Gastroenterology products, effectively guarantee the output of high-quality products
Peripheral Vascular Products
Peripheral Vascular Products
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Different Types of Endoscopy Surgery Procedures

Endoscopy is a procedure to exam human's inside body. During an endoscopy, one endoscope is inserted into a person's body. The endoscope normally includes rigid endoscope and flexible endoscope.The two basic types of flexible endoscopes are the fiberscope and the video endoscope.

ERCP,ESD,EMR,POEM, STER, and the like procedures are all performed under video endoscope.

ERCP procedure normally performed under duodenoscope, while other procedures mainly performed under gastroscope, or colonoscope.

Instruments Used in Endoscopy

Instruments used in GI endoscopy include the endoscope, a flexible long tube for examination of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.

Biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, and polypectomy snares might be used for sampling assist diagnosis.

Guide wire, dilatation balloon, sphincterotome, extraction balloon, drainage tube, etc. may used for theraputic purpose.

Sterilization of Endoscopic Retrieval Devices

Steam and autoclave sterilization are the most regular way for sterilizing of instruments.

For disposable endoscopic accessories, EO sterilization is applied in LeoMed.Series tests are necessary before labeling and packaging, then products could be stored in finished products warehouse.

LeoMed reusable delivery system of ligation device is recommedned resterilized with autoclaving against product's introduction of use.

Advantages Of Disposable Endoscopic Instruments From LeoMed


Products used in tens of thousands of cases.


CE, FDA, ANVISA, KFDA ect. Certified.


Benefit patients around the world.


Innovation on not only fresh devices, but also exist products.

Testimonials Of LeoMed Endoscopic Consumables


Professional endoscopic surgical instruments company, with perfect service, good communication, good quality, excellent packaging.


Purse-string suture with LeClampTM Ligation Device under endoscopy, significantly facilitates the accurate lesion defect wall closure after ESD, EMR or EFR.


LeoMed not only make good endoscopy equipment, but also devoted to act as bridge of communication of global doctors in the field of Gastroenterology.

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1st & 2nd Floor, 10 Building, 18 Huashan Rd., Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China
+86 519 8515 0730