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Future Prospects of Application of Medical Endoscopy Device

With the combination of advanced technologies such as medical endoscope, ultrasound, and microscopy, more advanced medical endoscopes will be invented in the future. The development of future medical endoscopic surgical instruments mainly involves the following aspects:

The miniaturization of endoscopy device

The size of the end of the medical endoscope guide directly affects the patient's degree of trauma. Endoscopy products manufacturers have redesigned the structure of the medical endoscope operating part to make it compact, thereby reducing the stimulation and discomfort caused by touching the patient's small end canal space and accelerating recovery.

Semi-automation of endoscopy device for interventional diagnosis

Integrating image processing methods supported by computer technology into medical endoscopes, and developing computer-assisted semi-automatic diagnosis systems, reduces the dependence on the doctor's experience and improves the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

High-fidelity rate of endoscopy device

As the image quality of endoscopy device is directly related to the entire surgical process and direction, the problem of imaging affecting the imaging of the affected area is solved by improving the camera and lens of the medical endoscope.

Improvement of imaging effects of endoscopy device

To prevent pseudo-images caused by the movement of the catheter during diagnosis, the optical system of the medical endoscope is redesigned to improve the rate of image formation.

Development of multimodal systems for endoscopy device

Through modular design schemes, various endoscopy device are combined with different converters to improve the accuracy of detection and tissue classification.

The effect of medical endoscope diagnosis and treatment of organ lesions in patients depends on the structure and imaging technology of medical endoscopes. By precise control of the operating part, flexible intervention of the insertion part is achieved, a self-locking mechanism is added to allow temporarily fixed positions of the medical endoscope and increased exploration space. The overall structure of medical endoscopes is developing towards integration and flexibility, improving the efficiency of doctors and reducing damage to patients during diagnosis and treatment.

Innovation of endoscopic lenses and imaging systems, the use of special lenses to increase stereoscopic vision, and the development of new imaging systems and sensing technology to improve imaging resolution and imaging effects of patient lesions, reducing doctors' misdiagnosis of related diseases, and facilitating personalized endoscopy device diagnosis and treatment. With the improvement of the mechanical structure of medical endoscopes, the development of imaging technology, and the continuous improvement of related technologies and theories, more mature medical endoscopic devices will definitely appear in the future.

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