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Biopsy Forceps for Digestive Endoscopy

Biopsy refers to the technique of cutting, clamping, or puncturing the diseased tissue from the patient's body for pathological examination for the needs of differential diagnosis and treatment.

Biopsy under digestive endoscopy is inseparable from biopsy forceps, which are also one of the most commonly used accessories for endoscopy nursing teachers.

1. Types of endoscopic biopsy forceps

Standard single use biopsy forceps: a circular ring with a side hole, the tissue damage is as small as possible. It is suitable for a small amount of biopsy to reduce the amount of bleeding.

Oval biopsy forceps: Oval cup shaped to allow for larger biopsy samples.

Oval needle biopsy forceps: The oval cup shape can be accurately positioned, not easy to slip, and obtain larger tissue samples.

Alligator biopsy forceps: suitable for biopsy on hard tissues such as tumors.

Crocodile biopsy forceps: can be rotated 90 degrees left and right, used for biopsy on slippery mucosa or hard tissues.

2. Have you paid attention to these signs on the package of biopsy forceps?

Nowadays, disposable endoscopic instruments are widely used. Have you paid attention to these signs? Including the length, the diameter of the biopsy forceps cup, etc. After reading these marks, you can determine the scope of the single use biopsy forceps, whether it is a standard gastroscope, colonoscope, or ultra-fine gastroscope, rhino-gastroscope, etc. The open diameter of the forceps can be used as the basis for judging the size of the lesion under endoscopy.

Many people have used this, but it is not so detailed. Because the estimation of the size of the lesion under the naked eye more or less refers to the open length of the forceps and the diameter of the forceps itself.

3. Details of the use of biopsy forceps

Endoscopic biopsy forceps are routinely used as an endoscope accessory for the examination of suspicious lesions in the digestive tract, but endoscopists can expand the use of biopsy forceps and play an important role in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Biopsy forceps are not only used for diagnosis and treatment. Examination can also be used to remove foreign bodies, move and fully display the lesion, mark, make a ruler, clamp traction-assisted endoscopic submucosal dissection ESD polypectomy, benign tumor clamp, auxiliary intubation, etc.

The key to the use of biopsy forceps lies in the strength of your hands. The force of the biopsy forceps should be moderate during use. Don't switch too strongly. This will not only fail to grasp the diseased tissue, but also easily damage the biopsy forceps.

The strength control of single use biopsy forceps is the basis of each accessory. You may not feel the strength of single use biopsy forceps during general biopsy, but if you are taking foreign objects, especially coins, if the pliers are too wide open and too strong, it is difficult to hold the coin firmly.

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