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Introduction of Main Components of Balloon Dilation Catheter

At present, balloon dilation catheter, by its good cornering performance and sleek top design, has been used in expansionary therapy of many diseases.

Balloon dilation catheter with high quality uses nylon material of good plasticity. Its balloon can sweep through plier hole, enter half occlusive or completely occlusive lesion position, and its developing point can accurately judge where to use catheter.

Ⅰ. Cusp of balloon dilation catheter

The size performance parameters (such as diameter, length and hardness) of balloon dilation catheter cusp are directly related to its ability of passing through occlusive lesion.

If cusp uses cone design, then the diameter of balloon cusp diminishes, and tracking power of balloon dilation catheter increases.

Generally speaking, balloon dilation catheter with short hardhead is suitable for therapy of serious stenotic pathologic change, while dilation catheter with long soft head is more suitable for handling circuity lesions.

Ⅱ. Balloon of balloon dilation catheter

Balloon materials have great impact on compliance capacity of balloon dilation catheter. Balloon of PET material has small compliance, while that of POC material has big compliance. Nowadays, the common clinically balloon with half-compliance is made of nylon material.

Rollback performance of balloon dilation catheter means restorability of balloon diameter after balloon dilation recovery. Balloon dilation catheter can be one of the indicators that evaluating balloon passing through lesion.

It is related to balloon material too. At present, balloon surface uses mostly hydrophilic coating material, and improves balloon ability to pass through lesion.

Ⅲ. Pusher of balloon dilation catheter

The famous pusher material of balloon dilation catheter in China is divided into high polymer material and metallic material. Balloon pusher of high polymer material will reduce friction when pushing, and pusher of metallic material has good push performance.

When several balloon dilation catheters shall be sent together for treating lesions, such as bifurcation lesion, the relation between outside diameter of balloon dilation catheter pusher and inner diameter of guiding catheter.

In conclusion, balloon dilation catheter is mainly composed of three parts including cusp, balloon and pusher. Besides, as the bond between pusher and balloon, connecting piece has great impact on push capacity and fracture resistance of balloon.

Core steel wire will be usually added to balloon bond in order to increase sustaining strength and improve push capacity and fracture resistance of balloon dilation catheter.

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