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The 10th anniversary of LeoMed

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year of 2022, Leo Medical greeted its tenth birthday.

A decade on the march

Facing the ever-changing market, LeoMed adhere to the business philosophy of "Making Life More Healthy", continuously insight into clinical needs, innovates and improves technical solutions, and deeply cultivates the market. In many fields such as GI endoscopic intervention, peripheral vascular intervention, and respiratory intervention, LeoMed has launched a number of high-quality ERCP products that are widely praised by experts, so as to optimize the surgical process and improve the efficacy and safety of surgery, benefiting the majority of patients.



Ten years of trudged and hard work, ten years of glory and dreams, LeoMed appreciates all the clinical experts for their careful guidance, support and kindness along the way, so that we have the opportunity to grow and give back! Thanks to all partners for their long-term trust and collaboration, and to leaders at all levels and friends for their care and help in the development of LeoMed! Also pay high tribute to the Leo people who have been working hard for ten years!

A new start involves a new hope

Standing at a new starting point, bred new hope. We feel that the road under our feet is wider, the durden on our shoulders is heavier, and the sense of mission in our hearts is stronger. Let us unite and help each other, practice the mission of " Making Life More Healthy ", and open up a more magnificent and beautiful future!

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1st & 2nd Floor, 10 Building, 18 Huashan Rd., Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China
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1st & 2nd Floor, 10 Building, 18 Huashan Rd., Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China
+86 519 8515 0730