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Characteristics of Disposable Biopsy Forceps

Ⅰ. What are the unique characteristics of disposable biopsy forceps?

Biopsy forceps is an indispensable tool for taking pathological specimens in endoscopy. The apex of the biopsy forceps is mainly composed of two cup-shaped forceps flaps that can be opened and closed.

The shape of biopsy forceps can be roughly divided into crocodile mouth type, needle type, single opening type, double opening type, apex curved type, oval type, window type and so on. The forceps body of the biopsy forceps is composed of stainless steel threaded tubes, and the inside of the biopsy forceps is equipped with a wire for pulling the valve opening and closing of the forceps.

1. Rigid clamp head, special steel wire connecting rod structure, excellent mechanical function

2. The upper and lower fulcrums are clear, the stroke is moderate, the hand feel is good, and sampling is easy

3. The knife edge is sharp, the sampling is sufficient, the size is moderate, and the positive detection rate is high

4. The disposable biopsy forceps head can pass through the 210° curved forceps channel, and the outer tube can be opened and closed normally with 2 turns of the forceps head

5. The surface is coated with super-smooth plastic coating, which can effectively reduce the damage to the clamp hole.

6. Low price, suitable for widespread use

Product introduction: During gastroscopic biopsy, the biopsy forceps enter the digestive tract to take the mucosal tissue, which is in direct contact with blood. If the disposable biopsy forceps are repeatedly used, if the disinfection is not thorough, there is a hidden danger of cross-infection, which increases the chance of the patient being infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis B.

Ⅱ. Eliminate the possibility of cross-infection using biopsy forceps

In recent years, the equipment and personnel for endoscopy and treatment have been popularized, and the resulting nosocomial infection has received much attention. Therefore, the disinfection and sterilization of endoscopes and their accessories has received more and more attention. It is necessary to find effective disinfection and sterilization of endoscope accessories. Bacterial method to prevent nosocomial cross-infection.

The forceps of the biopsy forceps are mainly made of stainless steel. The edges of the biopsy forceps are sharper than those of the disposable biopsy forceps, because the petals of the disposable biopsy forceps are sharp but have poor wear resistance. The mouth has a special surface treatment, which makes it more durable.

The ring on the operating handle of the biopsy forceps is used to cover the thumb, and the wide circular groove is where the index finger and middle finger are placed. Under the operation of the three fingers, the force is transmitted to the forceps valve through the traction wire for opening and closing.

The use of biopsy forceps is mainly based on the selection of sampling forceps of appropriate diameter and length according to the endoscope used.

Under the monitoring of the endoscope, the sampling forceps enters through the endoscope forceps channel. After accurate positioning, push the slip ring on the plastic handle forward (open the jaws), close to the sampled tissue, and pull the slip ring back. (jaws closed) to complete sampling. Pull the hose back and remove the sampling forceps. Needle-type sampling forceps are recommended when encountering tissue that is prone to slippage.

Biopsy forceps are endoscopic accessories that directly manipulate the mucosal tissues of the body, and must meet sterilization standards. In order to avoid incomplete disinfection of biopsy forceps or cross infection, it is recommended that you use disposable biopsy forceps.

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