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Precautions for Using Disposable Biopsy Forceps

Ⅰ. What are the precautions for using disposable biopsy forceps?

Disposable biopsy forceps, as one of the important detection tools for screening gastric cancer, cervical cancer and other diseases, also have certain methods and techniques in operation and use. In order to better help you understand, the following article will share the details of the use of disposable biopsy forceps.

The key point of the disposable biopsy forceps is to master the hands-on ability of medical staff. With moderate strength, they can just use biopsy forceps to take samples of diseased tissue;

They can't be too small or too strong, and too much force can injure other healthy tissue, cause infection, etc. A common and convenient method of use is to use the ring finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb with biopsy forceps.

1. Must be operated by a trained physician.

2. Disposable endoscopic biopsy forceps can pass 2.8mm or 3.2mm endoscopes.

3. Disposable biopsy forceps are disposable products, one for each patient. Disposable biopsy forceps cannot be used interchangeably between patients.

4. Each sample is clamped 8 times, and the sample clamps for more than 8 times are self-locking. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, pay attention to the number of times you use it yourself and the number of times your doctor uses it in vitro.

Ⅱ. The composition of disposable biopsy forceps

The forceps unit of the disposable biopsy forceps is mainly composed of a left forceps head, a right forceps head, a forceps head base, a left connecting rod and a right connecting rod.

One ends of the left connecting rod and the right connecting rod are riveted by pins located at one end of the corresponding left clamping head and the right clamping head. The other ends of the left and right links of the disposable biopsy forceps are both riveted to one end of the rod by rivets.

The other end of the rod is connected with a connecting pipe located on the clamping head base, and the connecting pipe cable is located in the elastic outer pipe. One end of the spring outer tube is connected with the clamping head seat, and the other end of the spring outer tube and the cable is connected with the handle part.

The pins connecting the left clamping head and the left connecting rod, as well as the right clamping head and the right connecting rod adjust the overall direction of the sampling forceps, making it easier for doctors to operate on the parts that are difficult for doctors to grasp, improving the surgical efficiency of medical staff, and reducing the pain of patients.

Manufacturers of disposable biopsy forceps say that forceps should not be used with excessive force, as diseased tissue not only does not pick up the forceps well, but may also damage the forceps.

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