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How to Use Biopsy Forceps?

In recent years, endoscopy equipment and personnel have been popularized. Biopsy forceps are endoscope accessories that directly manipulate mucosal tissues. They need to meet the standards. However, due to the incomplete use of biopsy forceps, the general effect is not obvious. Accompanying care for cross-infection caused by hospitals is getting more and more attention.

Therefore, it is necessary to find a good sterile method of endoscope accessories and supplies to prevent nosocomial cross-infection. The sterility of endoscopes and their accessories is getting more and more attention. If you use disposable biopsy forceps, you can completely eliminate the possibility of cross-infection. Let's learn about the structure of the biopsy forceps and the correct use and methods!

Ⅰ. The structure of biopsy forceps

Front end: The front end is composed of two openable and closable cup-shaped pliers valves.

Forceps body: The body of the biopsy forceps is composed of a stainless steel threaded tube with a metal wire that switches and pulls the mouth of the pliers. Due to the special structure of the threaded tube, tissue blood and other substances are easy to enter the inside, but it is not easy to clean completely, and it cannot be cleaned completely. The biopsy forceps are inconvenient to operate and cannot be opened and closed smoothly.

Operating handle: The ring of the operating handle is used to cover the thumb, and the wide circular groove is used to place the index finger and the middle finger. Under the operation of these three fingers, the force is transmitted to the pliers valve through the pulling wire to open and close.

Ⅱ. Key points of biopsy forceps uses

Biopsy forceps in operation and maintenance will affect the use of endoscope, so need to pay full attention to.

1. Pre-inspection: Make sure that the biopsy forceps are processed before use and used within a certain period of time. Before inserting the forceps channel of the endoscope, it is necessary to check the opening and closing of the forceps valve.

The specific method is to knead the biopsy forceps itself into a large circle (the diameter of the circle is about 20 cm), and perform multiple opening and closing actions to observe whether the opening and closing of the forceps flap is smooth. If you have 1-2 times of discomfort, generally do not use this biopsy forceps.

Next, you need to check the degree of closure of the biopsy forceps. Hold the thin paper like letter paper and clamp it with the biopsy forceps. The thin paper will not fall off. It is necessary to observe again whether the two cup openings of the pliers flap are completely aligned. If there is any deviation, please stop using it immediately. Otherwise, the pliers tube will be injured.

2. Precautions during operation: Before inserting the forceps tube, the mouth of the biopsy forceps flap should be closed, but don't forget to close too hard, the traction wire may be stretched, affecting the opening and closing of the forceps flap.

When inserting the trachea, please enter along the opening direction of the trachea with the forceps and do not rub against the mouth of the trachea. If there is resistance when entering, please release the angle button and enter in the state of natural stretching as much as possible. If it still fails to pass, please take the endoscope out of the body for testing, or replace other biopsy forceps with a thinner type.

The above is the structure of the biopsy forceps and the correct use and methods. In order to open and close the valve of the biopsy forceps freely, it is necessary to frequently add lubricating oil to the joints, but pay attention to the type of oil such as paraffin oil, and do not forget to use the endoscope housing Of silicone oil. After applying the lubricating oil, please wipe off the excess oil, only keep the lubrication in the joint of the biopsy forceps, and do not be included and exposed.

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