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The Use and Characteristics of Polyp Snare

Polyp snare is a commonly used medical device for endoscopic surgery such as gastrointestinal polypectomy. The basic structure of the existing polyp snare is a tubular handle with a slidable finger ring, the front end of the tubular handle is fixedly connected with the tail end of the flexible sleeve, and the finger ring is connected with the two ends of the electrified elastic metal wire forming the ring. The looped end of the wire extends from the tubular handle to the front end of the flexible sleeve.

1. Use of polyp snare

When polyps are removed, the flexible sleeve is transported to the lesion in the human body through the gastroscope (or colonoscope) forceps. When the finger loop is moved forward relative to the handle, the loop end of the elastic metal wire will extend from the front end of the flexible sleeve. out, and automatically form a snare under the action of elastic expansion; after using a gastroscope (or colonoscope) to observe and put the snare on the polyp, gradually move the ring back, and the snare will gradually become smaller, and the polyp and the like will be tightened The tumor in the body is then energized and heated, causing the polyps to be coagulated and removed from the normal tissue. This process must be operated by a professional physician. In addition, the excised polyps must be recovered for pathological examination.

2. Easy to control polyp snare

The polyp snare can control the opening direction of the snare, and is suitable for removing polyps or tumors growing along the axial direction of tubular organs. A polyp snare, the polyp snare includes a control handle and a flexible sheath connected in sequence, a control steel wire is threaded through the flexible sheath, and one end of the control steel wire is connected with an electrode arranged on a sliding handle of the control handle, the other end is provided with a ferrule with a guide head and extends the distal end of the flexible sheath; it is characterized in that a control cable is also provided in the flexible sheath, one end of the control cable passes through the side of the control handle, and the other end is attached to the guide head of the ferrule.

Since the loops of the polyp snare are all made of elastic metal wires, they are flat and ring-shaped after being opened, so the bending resistance perpendicular to the direction of its mouth opening is much smaller than its lateral bending resistance. Cleverly utilizing the mechanical properties of the loop, a control cable is attached to the guide head of the loop, and the opening direction of the loop can be easily controlled by pulling the control cable, thereby conveniently realizing the growth of the loop along the axial direction of the tubular organ. Polyp or tumor purpose. In addition, the polyp snare has the advantages of simple structure and convenient control.

3. The role of polyp snare

The polyp snare is a device commonly used in surgical operations to remove polyps and tumors in various lumens of the human body. During the operation, the polyp snare extends to the lesion through the channel of the endoscope, and the polyp or tumor to be resected is caught by the loop at the end of the polyp snare, and then a high-frequency current is connected. The heat makes the tissue gasify and decompose so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Polyp snares have the advantage of simultaneously cutting and stopping bleeding because the heat generated by the tissue in contact with the snare coagulates nearby tissue at the same time.

How to quickly and accurately trap polyps or tumors to be removed in tubular organs (such as bronchi) is a technical difficulty in polyp snare surgery. When the polyp snare enters the tubular organ, the opening of the loop faces the tube wall, and some smaller polyps or tumors usually grow radially on the tube wall, and the loop can easily trap them. However, some larger polyps or tumors tend to grow along the axial direction of the duct due to the opposite wall, and it is difficult or even impossible for the ferrule to cover it.

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