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AIO debuts APDW 2023

Asia Pacific Digestive Disease Week 2023 (APDW 2023) was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 to 9 December 2023.


APDW is the most influential international academic event in the field of digestive system diseases in the Asia-Pacific region hosted by APDWF.The conference topics cover gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and digestive surgery.Thousands of professional attendees from all over the world, including gastroenterologists, hepatologists, endoscopists, surgeons, scientists and nurses, were present to discuss, share and exchange cutting-edge technologies and knowledge in gastroenterology and hepatology research and clinical practice, including clinical research, endoscopic surgery, surgery and the prevention and treatment of major digestive diseases.




 With the growing sense of winter in December, adhering to the concept of "born for innovation" and the mission of "making life healthier",the international marketing team of Leomed, started the APDW 2023 trip on the 6th.


Must-see Top1

LeoMed's upcoming new product: the new "Sinle-use Snare Probe (AIO)" was unveiled at the conference, and its excellent performance was praised by the audience.




Professor Zhou Pinghong,Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital,introduced AIO at the conference

The Single-use Snare Probe (AIO) is innovatively developed for the treatment of early digestive tract cancers.It is a high-end medical device that integrates marking, Incision&Dissection, injection, polypectomy, and argon coagulation in ESD (Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection).By integrating multiple functions into one instrument, it avoids frequent replacement of instruments during surgery, greatly shortens the operation time, and significantly reduces the patient's financial burden.Many gastroenterologists from Asia-Pacific and other places have visited LeoMed booth many times, and showed strong interest in the new product "Single-use Snare Probe (AIO)" and expressed high praise of evaluation and recognition for this product, showing willingness to continue cooperation.


Popular exhibits

At this conference, Leomed also exhibited its best-selling series of comprehensive solutions for digestive endoscopy in recent years, which have been favored by many customers, especially the unanimous attention of professional doctors on site.





ERCP new product



New products continue to meet

LeoMed has always insisted on continuous exploration and innovation in the field of digestive endoscopy, specializing in research and development. It has always been committed to providing doctors and patients with more effective surgical solutions and providing overall solutions for interventional treatment consumables for specific surgical procedures. Its innovative capabilities have been widely recognized by users.




The product research and development of Leomed has never been limited to a single product or single technology.The strategic development path of cross-department and multi-treatment areas has been determined at the beginning of its establishment.Four major technology platforms with innovative capabilities have been formed: stent, balloon, active, and visual technology platforms.In the future, we will continue to strive to work together with medical workers for human health!

Let's continue to meet at Arab Health 2024 from January 29 to February 1, 2024!  Leomed looks forward to your arrival.

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