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What Are the Different Cleaning Methods for Gastroscope Biopsy Forceps?

1. What are the different cleaning methods for gastroscope biopsy forceps?

With the continuous popularization of endoscopy and treatment equipment and personnel, the resulting nosocomial infection has received much attention. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the disinfection and sterilization of endoscopes and their accessories. It is necessary to find effective disinfection and sterilization of endoscope accessories. Bacterial method to prevent nosocomial cross-infection.

Objective: To compare the effects of several different cleaning methods on the positive rate of occult blood with gastroscopic biopsy forceps (hereinafter referred to as biopsy forceps).

Methods: 240 pieces of biopsy forceps were washed with flowing water (A), soaked in multi-enzyme lotion for 5 minutes and manually cleaned (B) (hereinafter referred to as multi-enzyme lotion soaking method) and multi-enzyme lotion ultrasonic cleaning method (C). (hereinafter referred to as ultrasonic cleaning method) for cleaning.

After cleaning, fecal occult blood colloidal gold test paper was used to detect the positive rate of occult blood of biopsy forceps in each group. The results showed that the positive rates of occult blood in the three groups of biopsy forceps were: 40.00% for washing with flowing water, immersion with multi-enzyme lotion 16. 75%, ultrasonic cleaning method 0.

The cleaning effect of ultrasonic method is better than the first two methods, the difference is significant, P<0.01. Conclusion Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective cleaning method for gastroscope biopsy forceps.

2. What are the precautions for using zebra guidewire?

Zebra guidewire is a medical consumable, also known as non-vascular lumen guidewire, which is used for guiding catheters, implanters, etc. Zebra wire should no longer be used.

1. It is assumed that the packaging of the device is damaged, or the validity period of the Zebra wire guidewire product has expired. In these cases, we can no longer use the Zebra wire guidewire device.

2. Assuming that it is a disposable zebra guidewire product purchased, we need to destroy it immediately after using the zebra guidewire to prevent the repeated use of the zebra guidewire, because this is also one of the transmission ways of pollution.

When using zebra guidewire products, the zebra guidewire must be operated by a professionally trained physician, which is also a way to prevent future troubles.

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