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What Are the Target Groups of the Balloon Dilation Catheter Used?

In clinical practice, many patients need to use balloon dilation catheters to maintain the normal functioning of the body, especially for patients who are difficult to eat, because they cannot eat normally. It seriously affects the nutrition of the body.

Most people in this category are usually reluctant to perform higher-risk operations, so they choose to use a ERCP balloon dilation catheter to help them eat normally. So which groups are balloon dilation catheters with good quality mainly suitable for?

1. Balloon dilation catheter for patients with dysphagia (caused by pharyngeal muscle relaxation or incomplete opening of the cricopharyngeal muscle)

Attenuation of the cricopharyngeal muscle cannot refer to the failure of normal swallowing due to the pathological changes of the cricopharyngeal muscle or the dysfunction of the cricopharyngeal muscles.

This disease mostly occurs in middle-aged and old women who tend to be anxious or irritable. The main symptom is poor coordination of swallowing, food may stay in the oropharynx and unable to enter the esophagus, especially eating liquid is likely to enter the respiratory tract and choke food, thus exacerbating the sense of insecurity of patients.

The use of balloon dilation catheter in patients with mechanical pyloric balloon dilation can improve a series of symptoms of dysphagia, so that patients can rebuild the swallowing reflex pathway, so balloon dilation catheter is suitable for the dysfunction of the muscles in the pharynx due to nerve or muscle degeneration.

2. Balloon dilation catheter for esophageal strictures (due to head and neck cancer surgery or head and neck radiation therapy)

As we all know, the occurrence of many diseases will also be accompanied by a series of unpredictable complications, especially some serious diseases, even after treatment, it will inevitably lead to related complications.

And after head and neck cancer surgery, the esophagus will be narrowed due to scar hyperplasia, which will cause patients have difficulty in swallowing. In addition, the narrowing of tissue fibrosis caused by head and neck radiotherapy can also cause abnormal swallowing, and other serious diseases may also cause swallowing difficulties. At this time, these people can use balloon dilation catheters to improve swallowing problems and return to a normal diet.

All in all, balloon dilation catheters are mainly suitable for the above groups. In other words, most of the dysphagia can use after-sales balloon dilation catheters.

Because the effect of this kind of dilatation catheter is obvious, and the after-sales of the balloon dilation catheter is guaranteed, the use of this kind of dilatation catheter is undoubtedly a boon for the majority of patients with swallowing problems.

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