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How to Use Disposable Biopsy Forceps

Disposable biopsy forceps enter the human body through endoscopic forceps, its head is aimed at the lesion, open the mouth of the forceps and press the handle slider to close the collected tissue, close the forceps mouth, pull the handle slider to pull the outer tube backward, and take out the sample Just clip. Let's learn how to use disposable biopsy forceps.

Ⅰ. The application of disposable biopsy forceps

Disposable biopsy forceps are suitable for endoscopic sampling of gastric and duodenal biopsies.

Ⅱ. Features of disposable biopsy forceps

1. The product has been sterilized and does not need to be sterilized before use.

2. The biopsy forceps head is made of medical stainless steel.

3. It adopts laser welding and the connecting rod is reliable.

4. It is produced by a purification factory and shipped after strict inspection to ensure product quality.

5. It is configured with various specifications.

Ⅲ. The use of disposable biopsy forceps

1. Open the product package and take out the disposable biological biopsy forceps.

2. The disposable biopsy forceps extend to the abdominal surgery site through the endoscope, move the handle to the root of the handle, and then put all the disposable biological sample forceps into the endoscope, and gradually remove the diseased tissue removed by the forceps according to the needs of the operation.

3. Take out the diseased tissue removed by the forceps, and then take the disposable biopsy forceps out of the body.

The types of disposable biopsy forceps are divided into standard type, side opening type, front-end needle type, round cup shape, tooth cup shape and so on. Mainly connected by laser welding, laser welding can be achieved by continuous or pulsed laser beam.

The laser irradiation heats the surface to be processed, and the heat from the surface is diffused into the interior by thermal conduction. By controlling the laser parameters such as the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool.

The energy conversion mechanism is completed by the "small hole" structure. When the biopsy forceps screw breaks, it cannot be repaired by conventional welding, and the metal develops thorns. In recent years, most biopsy forceps adopt a rigid four-bar linkage structure, which makes the use of biopsy forceps more convenient.

The key to using a disposable biopsy forceps is to have the strength at hand, and most people are used to the ring finger, middle finger, index finger and thumb combined with the biopsy forceps. The biopsy forceps must be used with moderate force, and the switch should not be too forceful.

This not only does not apply forceps well to the diseased tissue, but also easily damages the biopsy forceps. Its maximum tensile strength is 10kg, and the upper and lower dead points are clear, which is in line with doctors' usage habits.

It is produced in a sterile factory, and the disposable biopsy forceps are strictly checked for sterility before leaving the factory. After the aseptic packaging is opened, each person clamps immediately to completely eliminate cross-infection, which is safe and convenient.

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