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Single-use Stone Extraction Catheter

Biliary stone extraction balloon catheter is used for endoscopic removal of biliary stones.

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Features of Single-use Stone Extraction Catheter

  • High-quality latex of biliary stone extraction balloon catheter the increases the durability and reduces the possibility of balloon bursting.

  • “Squared shoulder” balloon is designed to facilitate stone removal during ballon extraction ERCP.

  • Three distinct diameters of balloon could cover widely clinical requirements.

  • Injection-above and injection-below options are provided according with physician's preference to facilitate the procedure.

  • Tapered catheter design improves pushability.

  • Two radiopaque markers can be identified clearly under X-ray.

  • Different colored channels assist to identify easily.

Specification of Single-use Stone Extraction Catheter

REFStructureBalloon Diam.(mm)Minimum Working Channel(mm)Working Length(mm)Compatible GuidewireDescriptionUnit/box
QS-1A00OTW8.5/11.5/152.820000.035”Triple lumen, Injection-above1
QS-1B00OTW8.5/11.5/152.8Triple lumen, Injection-below
QS-2A00OTW11.5/15/183.2Triple lumen, Injection-above
QS-2B00OTW11.5/15/183.2Triple lumen, Injection-below
QS-300OTW8.5/11.5/152.8Dual lumen
QS-400OTW11.5/15/183.2Dual lumen

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1st & 2nd Floor, 10 Building, 18 Huashan Rd., Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China
+86 519 8515 0730