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Polypectomy Snares (Hot & Cold)

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Polypectomy snares are indicated for use endoscopically for the removal of polyps.

LeoMed offers a competitive polypectomy snare price and high-quality polypectomy snares.

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Features of Endoscopy Snares(Hot & Cold)

  • Endoscopy snares are available in Oval, Hexagon and Half-moon shapes.

  • Hot & cold hybrid functions satisfy current doctors' desire for endoscopic snare polypectomy.

  • 360° 1:1 rotation for precise adjustment.

Specification of Cold Polypectomy Snare & Hot Polypectomy Snare

Rgeular items

FixedRotatableCatheter Diam. (mm)Working length (mm)Opening Width (mm)Configuration

What is Cold Snare Polypectomy

Endoscopic resection of gastrointestinal polyps is the endoscopic removal of gastrointestinal polyps. There are usually biopsy forceps removal, including cold biopsy forceps and hot biopsy forceps. The excision of the snare includes the excision of the cold snare and the hot snare high frequency electrical snare. In addition, there is submucosal resection. For larger polyps, endoscopic submucosal dissection may be used. It is necessary to consider which method of endoscopic resection should be selected according to the size of the polyp, the location of the growth, and the blood flow.

Cold VS Hot Snare Polypectomy 

Cold snare polypectomy is an easy-to-apply technique and remains the most popular technique, especially for small polyps. According to studies, the complete resection rate of cold snare is very close to or equal to that of hot snare for polyps of 6 to 9 mm. Cold snare can be considered an effective treatment for small polyps, with the advantage that in most cases, cold snare reduces the risk of delayed complications. Thermal snare may be appropriate for occasional 6-9 mm polyps that have thicker stems or have a very prominent sessile component. Cold snare can be very effective and safe when dealing with large numbers of polyps.

Cold Snare Polypectomy Technique

Advantages of cold snare polypectomy include

A. No need to power on

B. Easy to operate

C. Low complication rate

D. No risk of polyp residue

E. low cost

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